• Productions by Colin Poh.

  • Who's the Poh?

    location : selangor, malaysia
    genre : rock, symphonic, progressive
    contact :

    Colin Poh is a highly creative Malaysian with certification in Music/Audio Production & Multimedia Design. Music influences range from symphonic orchestration to heavy metal to progressive trance to hard electro to rap and pop. His tools of trade are Avid Pro Tools and Propellerhead Reason.

    Services provided:

    Producing . Composing . Mixing . Directing

    Currently in production:

    - Redemption (Independent Film Score)
    - Rooftop (Rina S.)

  • Sound Design demo.

  • Music by electro.pup.

  • What the pup?

    hometown : ipoh, malaysia
    genre : progressive dance & more!
    contact :

    electro.pup is the award winning persona / brand by Colin that delivers potentially head- banging, feet-shuffling beats along with dynamic electro-trance synthesizers. electro.pup is currently unsigned.

    Past collaborations:

    - Teardrops (Denn Elm)
    - B.F.G. (Flow Artist)

    The funnies.
    electro.pup is also a comic strip chronicling life viewed from a unique perspective. Visit electropup.colinpoh.com for more!

  • Hear ye! Hear ye!